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Re-imagine your health and life!


Oakbank, Manitoba

 622 Main St

Victoria Beach, Manitoba

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Wellness with Dorota

Formerly know as Oakbank Massage Therapy

 Welcome traveler!


What do you need when you set out on a journey?


You may need to find your True North, so you know where you are going (Soul).  Then you need to plan out a course to take.  Next, you need to prepare yourself with everything that you may need on the journey (Mind).  And lastly, you need a vehicle  to get you to your destination (Body). 


What does that have to do with wellness or healing, you may ask? 


Actually a lot!  Wellness begins within, and being aligned with your life's purpose brings joy and happiness that nourishes the mind and body.  The journey within might be the hardest journey to take on.  You need to ask yourself the following questions:


    Where am I going and why?

    Am I following my True North?

    What is my motivation in life?

    Is my body strong enough to get me through the rough patches of the journey?


When we first arrive in this physical realm, we are full of life, eager to take on everything.  As we age, we forget why we came here to begin with and our body starts to breakdown with sadness, and sorrow from disconnection from the Divine, and forgetting our life's purpose.


How do we get back on track?

How do we heal deep wounds?

How can I support my body to heal?

What is health and wellness?

Is it an absence of sickness?


I dare say health and wellness is more than that.  It's a journey to fulfill our life's purpose and if we are prevented from it, our body, mind and soul suffers.  We get sick because we are not aligned with the creative impulse from within.


My  journey brought me here to offer my unique gifts to help others to remember who they are and support them on their journey with massage, coaching and wellness musings blog.


How can I help you? 




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