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What are archetypes?

Posted 7/4/2023

Archetypes are a specific set of behaviours that are very uniquely blend to create your one of a kind personality, where the Divine energy can express Itself. These behaviours are so consistent that they read like a script and don't change with time or culture.  All of them have their unique strengths and stuck points.

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Massage vs massage

Posted 7/4/2023

Clients often ask me the difference between each type of massages I offer.  Here's my explanation the way I come to see it.

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What is health and wellness?

Posted 7/3/2023

Depending on what book you're reading or what health guru you follow, you will get different answers.  To me health and wellness has depends on a lot of things. 

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Here are answers to some common questions I get about various topics that may be of value to some.



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