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Massage vs massage

Posted 7/4/2023

Clients often ask me the difference between each type of massages I offer.  Here's my explanation the way I come to see it.

There's something about human touch that is so healing to our nervous system.  Scientist would say that's all the endorphins that are released during the massage, and perhaps that might be true.  But I personally think it has something to do with being accepted by another in a very intimate way.  Touch fulfills the need to be loved and accepted.  There are many names that can be used to describe what type of massage it is.  After doing massage for over 20 years, I've come to a conclusion that everyone will receive the massage that they need at the time, no matter what the description is.  


For me massage is about exchange of energies.  When I put my hands on you, I am in deep reverence and gratitude for you to allow me to touch you.  Every stroke I make is full of love for you and your body, just the way you are.  I don't see the flaws, you may see about yourself.  I see beauty in the design.  I see perfection in all the contours of your unique body.


I would describe two types of massages.  One where you can check out at the door, go into oblivion and allow me to do my thing according to what the intention is for the session.  Healing happens by accident, because you relaxed enough to allow change to take place.  This would include: therapeutic, relaxation, prenatal and hotstone massages.  The other one is where your full attention is needed to make a difference in your treatment.  I call it massage with somatic release.  It is you consciously creating the difference and can repeat it on your own once you get the hang of it.