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What are archetypes?

Posted 7/4/2023

Archetypes are a specific set of behaviours that are very uniquely blend to create your one of a kind personality, where the Divine energy can express Itself. These behaviours are so consistent that they read like a script and don't change with time or culture.  All of them have their unique strengths and stuck points.

What is the importance of archetypes?

-If you can see how they influence your thinking or feeling, you can be in a driver seat of your life instead of a victim and create what you actually want

Why do we have them?
-This is how God creates in our life
-Life force is made manifest in physical realm -They give shape to breath of God

What are the shadows of an archetype?
-Trapped energy causing a sinkhole
-Energy always wants to move
-If something stops it from moving it will become stuck showing itself as shadow of one or more archetypes

-Create a drain in energy
-It takes a lot to keep energy down, like pushing bubble of air under water

Are archetypes alive? Do we have no choice?
-No, archetypes are like a skeleton that gives a frame for muscles and organs to attach to and work on
-Archetypes cannot act of their own will, they need an architect to give them purpose
-They are instruments to use for the work of our free will

There is a set of Archetypes present.

Why would we journey with them?
-Simplifying situation
-Allowing person to reclaim lost energy
-Bringing more joy, lightness and freedom -Following the calling of the Soul to fulfil Its purpose -Unending spiral

You might default into one or more of the archetypes.